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Bexley's Biker S&D

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Bexley's Biker S&D
Bexley's Biker S&D

Please note:

This is a scratch and dent paperback, meaning this book will not be in perfect condition and might have any of the following issues:

  • Bent corners
  • Bent pages
  • Scratches on cover
  • Misspellings on names
  • Messed up author signature
  • Or any number of other issues

The book will still be readable and I'll make every effort to cover any signature issues with a bookplate. 

You will still receive all applicable swag, including a squishy peen!


From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes an age gap, forbidden full-length standalone romance.

The more she hates me, the more I want her.

Bexley March has made a successful career representing dangerous criminals, including Reno’s most notorious outlaws, The Royal Bastards MC.

She prides herself on being cool, calm, and collected with everyone, except him.

The club’s VP is the cockiest and most infuriating man she’s ever met. And after his latest legal misstep, he’s also her newest client.

Khan’s used to getting what he wants. Men cower at his intimidating size and women are charmed by his charisma. But Bexley barely flinches at either one.

This mysterious woman has built a fortress of steel around herself, and Khan is determined to find out why.

So, while she’s busy trying to keep him from going to prison, he’s busy trying to figure out her secrets, and what he uncovers puts them both in danger.

Now they must work together in order to stay safe and that’s when Bexley discovers there’s so much more to this egotistical manwhore. Maybe opposites do attract and maybe people can change.

But she’ll never find out unless they can unite and take down both of their enemies. 

Bexley's Biker S&D

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