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Gracie’s Mom

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Gracie’s Mom
Gracie’s Mom

From USA Today bestselling author comes a reverse age gap, forbidden standalone romance.

At thirty-nine years old, I have my life together.
I’m a successful photographer, own my own home, and thanks to a teenage pregnancy, I’m already an empty nester.

The only thing missing is love. And who has time for that?

That’s my thought process the day my daughter, Gracie, calls to tell me she’s bringing her roommate home with her for spring break.

Dax Shelton is charismatic, funny, and ridiculously sexy. And for some reason, whenever I’m with him, he aims all that charm my way.

I try to keep my space and not take him seriously, but when he pins me against the kitchen counter and whispers all the dirty things he wants to do to me, I can’t ignore him any longer.

So, at thirty-nine years old, I have a secret fling with a man seventeen years my junior.
Or at least I think it’s just a fling until our late nights become less about sex and more about our feelings, and I accidentally fall in love with my daughter’s roommate.

Things are about to get messy. Not only because Gracie won’t understand how I let this happen but because she’s in love with him too.

Gracie’s Mom

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