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Judge’s Mercy

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Judge’s Mercy
Judge’s Mercy

From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes a dark age gap MC romance.

As the club’s priest, it’s my duty to guide my brothers through their darkest moments. So when a battered and broken woman is abandoned at our clubhouse gates, I feel compelled to offer her solace.

Myla is beautiful, smart, and has a sharp tongue, yet I’m unexpectedly drawn to a woman who’s half my age with a past as tormented as my own. It’s how I recognize the white-hot rage in her eyes, threatening to consume her. Although she tries to push me away to hide her growing panic and pain, I sense that she’s close to reaching a breaking point.

My instincts are confirmed when a gut feeling wakes me in the middle of the night, telling me she needs help. What I find is beyond my worst nightmare. Myla’s covered in someone else’s blood, despondent, and begging for me to help make her feel something other than the fury burning through her veins.

Our one night of raw passion not only exposes Myla’s darkest secrets but mine too, and so our torrid affair begins. On nights when the weight of her sins threatens to crush her, she seeks comfort in my arms, and on those when my demons threaten to devour me whole, she’s there to banish them with a single touch.

It was inevitable that our sins would catch up with us, and I knew the risks of loving her could be catastrophic, so when one of her victims becomes problematic, I’m faced with an impossible decision: protect her by betraying her trust and risking everything—my honor, my loyalty, my whole world—or lose her forever.

This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: abduction, abusive relationship, anxiety, assault, attempted murder, blood, child abuse, cults, death, depression, drugs, emotional abuse, gun violence, hostages, human trafficking, kidnapping, misogyny, murder, needles, physical abuse, rape, self-harm, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, torture, violence

Judge’s Mercy

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