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Mustang's Torment: A Sons of Erebus Novella S&D

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Mustang's Torment: A Sons of Erebus Novella S&D
Mustang's Torment: A Sons of Erebus Novella S&D

Please note:

This is a scratch and dent paperback, meaning this book will not be in perfect condition and might have any of the following issues:

  • Bent corners
  • Bent pages
  • Scratches on cover
  • Misspellings on names
  • Messed up author signature
  • Or any number of other issues

The book will still be readable and I'll make every effort to cover any signature issues with a bookplate. 

You will still receive all applicable swag, including a squishy peen!

From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes an enemies-to-lovers, gay romance set in her brand-new motorcycle club series, Sons of Erebus.

Mike “Mustang” Cohen has come a long way from the scrawny, emo kid who was constantly bullied at the private schools he attended on scholarship. He’s gained muscle, confidence, a job at an autobody shop, and he’s earned a role as Secretary for the Sons of Erebus MC.

Now he fears no one, and all the rage festering inside him is used to deliver the club’s enemies to the Reaper himself.

So when his filthy rich childhood tormentor, Jenson Poole, shows up at The Garage with car problems, Mustang is quick to make him pay. Except Jenson looks good on his knees. . . so good that Mustang begins to crave other things from him. Things he shouldn’t.

But when blows are delivered that would mean both men’s lives were a lie, can Jenson become more than Mustang’s Torment?

Mustang's Torment: A Sons of Erebus Novella S&D

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