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Truly's Biker S&D

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Truly's Biker S&D
Truly's Biker S&D

Please note:

This is a scratch and dent paperback, meaning this book will not be in perfect condition and might have any of the following issues:

  • Bent corners
  • Bent pages
  • Scratches on cover
  • Misspellings on names
  • Messed up author signature
  • Or any number of other issues

The book will still be readable and I'll make every effort to cover any signature issues with a bookplate. 

You will still receive all applicable swag, including a squishy peen!


She thinks her dirty looks can hurt me.

Think again, little girl. Can’t hurt a hollow heart.


From USA Today bestselling author, Misty Walker, comes a best friend’s daughter, dark MC romance.


Truly Reid has loved the same man since she was eight years old—William Pellman, or Roch, as he’s known by the Royal Bastards MC.


But she’s not eight anymore, she’s eighteen and it’s time for him to notice her.


The only problem is he still sees her as the little girl who gave him a beaded hummingbird on the day he came tell her that his best friend, and her father, was dead.


Roch knows what Truly’s trying to do with all her attention seeking. He just doesn’t think his black heart is worthy of anyone’s love, especially hers.


She’s too innocent and naïve for someone so broken and damaged.


He doesn’t realize how wrong he was until it was too late and Truly trusted the wrong person.


Now nothing will stop him from getting her back and making her his—not even the demons in his head.


Truly's Biker S&D

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