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Your Song

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Your Song
Your Song

Your Song was previously in the Heard it in a Love Song Athology. It's a short 40-page and sweet m/m romance with an HEA!​

I knew what I was getting myself into when I began dating Captain.

After all, the first time I saw him he was on stage, all hot and sweaty, drumming like the rock god he is.

And it’s not what you think. I can handle the screaming fans and him being gone on tour while I stay home and manage my comic book store.

What ends up breaking me, is him keeping me a secret.

No one knows he’s gay, let alone in a committed relationship.

He keeps saying it won’t be forever, that as soon as the band is established, he’ll come out and tell the world what I mean to him.​

But self-doubt creeps in slowly, and like an infection, it takes over before I even know it’s there.​

It’s time to put my foot down.

His heart knows all the words to my song, now I’m going to find out if he’ll sing them.

Your Song

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